MetaParsedown Wordpress Plugin


Wordpress | Markdown | YAML

Import markdown documents to Wordpress posts and pages, output as HTML, parse and save YAML frontmatter to post_meta.


  • Built on MetaParsedown, Parsedown, and Symfony YAML components.
  • Easy to use
  • Lighweight
  • Optionally style markdown code snippets for syntax highlighting
  • Maintain markdown through your favourite git repository
  • Works with both Gutenberg and classic wordpress editors

How to use

Simply add the metaparsedown shortcode to your post:

[metaparsedown file="" /]

Optionally, parse and save markdown YAML frontmatter to the post_meta table by adding the meta attribute to the shortcode.

[metaparsedown file="" meta="true" /]

Easily add syntax highlighting

Enqueue the provided (microlight) javascript library to get simple, but effective syntax highlighting for your markdown documents.

Syntax highlighting